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Security Compliance

Client Confidentiality

The management and staff at Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) recognize, understand and respect the need to maintain the confidentiality of any data provided by its clients for the completion of their print orders. Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) has established practices, policies and controls in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and their customer data. An independent third party conducts periodic audits of our practices to assure compliance.

SOC3 Audit Report - Available for immediate download HERE

Our SOC3 Audit Report details policies regarding confidentiality and privacy. It is prepared by an independent 3rd party audit firm and is available for immediate download. The SOC3 Report will fulfill most due diligence requirements.

Information Technology Security

Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) takes various measures to ensure the security of data stored on our systems and networks. The company regularly trains and reminds our staff about the need to safeguard data. Our security measures include a risk assessment of our IT environment, assessment of the likelihood of potential threats and vulnerabilities and procedures for managing and controlling IT security risk. Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) has a formal intrusion detection program whereby we monitor and log all attempts and senior management is kept periodically informed of security events and remediation. Specifically, our IT security program includes policies, procedures, and guidelines for securing, maintaining, and monitoring systems and platforms including our core system, remote access to our core system, local area networks, wide area networks, routers, modems, security devices such as firewalls, and portable devices, such as laptops. Password protection is in place for all devices accessing our systems, and users are assigned permissions only for those systems specifically required for the performance of their duties. Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp’s) senior management regularly reviews and monitors our IT security program, and monitors and approves IT projects, performance and operating costs.

Records Management

Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) has in place appropriate policies and procedures related to physical and electronic records management and retention.

Physical Security Measures

Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) has implemented physical perimeter security measures at our various facilities which we believe are adequate to ensure that physical access is granted only to those with proper authorization. Entry is controlled at each of our facilities, which are locked with limited access points. In the rare event of any outside vendors with access, such as specialized equipment maintenance staff, agreements are executed with Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) to ensure their compliance with our rules as well. Physical security of our computer systems and file servers includes restricted access, appropriate climate controls, offsite backups, and power protection via uninterruptible power supplies.

Background Screening

Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp’s) process for hiring new staff includes appropriate background checks and screening, consistent with applicable law. In the event of a terminated employee, a process is in place to ensure the security of any data which may have been accessible by the employee.

Insurance Information

For the protection of Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) and its clients, Top Shelf Checks (Bank-A-Count Corp) maintains appropriate amounts of commercial and general liability insurance.

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